Rehabilitative Treatments

Rehabilitative treatments are treatments that help individuals to address issues like to regain a function or skill they lost. People usually lose functional abilities and independence due to illness, injury, surgery, cardiac events, stroke, and other medical issues. 


There are different rehabilitative treatments to address various issues. It would help to discuss with your chiropractors in Robinson Township about the ideal rehabilitative therapies for you. They may recommend either or some of the following:

1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a series and routine of targeted exercises and other treatments. They help you restore physical strength, stability, functional ability, movement and reduce pain. Physical therapists and chiropractors apply the treatments to individuals who:

  • Had recent surgery.
  • Have Injuries like sport-related injuries.
  • Experience Stroke.
  • Give birth and need physical recovery.
  • Need to learn to use devices like canes and walkers.
  • Need to manage chronic illnesses like heart disease.

Chiropractors and physical therapists offer various treatment approaches like pain management, cardiovascular strengthening, balance retraining, massage, and more. 

2. Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a treatment approach meant to help individuals regain normal function of their everyday activities. Examples of his activities include Eating, brushing your teeth, dressing, and more. Occupational therapy enables you to restore balance, improve motor skills, And learn how to improve your functional ability. 

3. Speech/swallow Therapy 

Speech and swallow therapy are Rehabilitative treatment that helps individuals regain the normal function of their oral muscles. Making Speech and swallowing are surprisingly complex because you need to coordinate your oral muscles a lot. Speech therapists and chiropractors will recommend various exercises to help you improve your speech and swallowing. First, they have to understand your unique names by observing or using image diagnostics like X-ray.

4. Vocational Therapy

Vocational therapy is a rehabilitative treatment and counseling that helps you get ready to return to work after a major medical event like illness, injury, or accident. It helps your address issues like:

  • Interests in your work.
  • Cognitive ability.
  • Physical ability. 
  • Skill development. 
  • Communication at work. 
  • Finding employment history.

5. Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a rehabilitative treatment approach that helps individuals improve their reasoning, problem-solving, thinking, and memory skills. It also focuses on your behavior and emotions towards various issues. 

6. Balance Therapy

 Balance therapy is a form of physical therapy.  It is a rehabilitative treatment that helps Your brain to improve its recognition and reaction to balance signals it gets from your ears, feet, and eyes.

7. Respiratory Therapy 

Respiratory therapy is a rehabilitative treatment meant for individuals with breathing difficulties or disorders. It will help you:

  • Learn how to use supplemental oxygen and inhalers.
  • Maintain open breathing airways.
  • Reduce respiratory distress.

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